A Liberal Party volunteer took out the Green Party campaign flyers from the mailbox and replaced them with Liberal Party materials. At the same time, he visited Toronto’s current MP Joe Volpe and was fired. An unidentified man canvassing votes with Mr. Volpe, a longtime representative of Eglinton-Lawrence, was captured by Green Party supporters in a series of photos on Friday. “Once there are signs that this kind of thing happened, that’s it. I don’t participate, I don’t condone, I don’t encourage this kind of behavior,” Volpe said in an interview on Monday. “The lobbyist is no longer with us. The story ends.”

Despite being fired, Green Party candidate Paul Baker is preparing to lodge a complaint with the Canadian Election Commission, noting that Mr. Volpe was nearby when the flyer was discarded. “I guess what disappoints us is that Joe is there…. He may not have robbed the bank, but he seems to be driving the escaped car,” he said. “In our opinion, there is no doubt that he knows it.” However, Mr. Volpe stated that he did not know the behavior of the volunteers at the time. “You skip each other. I walked to one door, he walked to the other door, and the other canvasser walked to the other door. You basically work in isolation.” Ola Hegarty, the volunteer campaign manager of Mr. Baker who took these photos, claimed that Mr. Volpe also took out the Green Party pamphlet from the mailbox and replaced it with Liberal Party materials. She said she failed to photograph him doing this. “This is horrible for me. I can’t believe I saw it,” said Ms. Hegarty, a part-time lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. “They are all walking, and then take the flyers.” Mr. Volpe firmly denied that he deleted the flyer. “I have never done anything like this and asked that volunteer to say that it was completely fake and completely fabricated,” he said.

Ms. Hegarty said she began taking photos after noticing Mr. Volpe’s handler throw away a Green flyer that she had distributed in the area earlier on Friday afternoon. Before leaving, Ms. Hegarty confronted Mr. Volpe and said he responded with a shrug. Mr. Volpe said he was unclear at the time what she was talking about. Mr. Volpe, who declined to provide the volunteer’s name, complained that his campaign has had “all kinds of dirty tricks played on us,” including vandalism and theft of signs and harassing phone calls originating from the U.S. “Now we’ve got Green Party trying to create another story. Well, we’ve got a campaign to run and we do it properly,” he said.

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