Our favorite spaghetti brand: Rao’s Homemade

If you are used to most commercial American pasta, you will notice the difference in Rao the moment you take the pasta out of the package. Rao’s pasta is different from the glossy smooth surface you may be used to, it has a matte appearance and a rough texture. If you pinch the noodles and try to slide your fingers down its length, you will encounter some resistance. This is because the pasta is made with a bronze mold, not a Teflon mold, which is the material used in most pasta making machines (more on this here). What does this mean in terms of ordinary cooked pasta-as I said above, we like 80% of the pasta we taste. However, somehow, these noodles are more flavorful than most of the pasta on our list.

However, once I cook them with sauce, it is obvious that these noodles are more advanced than them. The sauce sticks to these noodles more strongly than the other brands in our top four-we can actually see some tomatoes sticking to the long rope, like needles on the legs of electrostatic pants. They also have wonderful tooth texture; Associate Editor Anya Hoffman described them as “flexible and fun to chew.”

Purchase: Rao’s Homemade Spaghetti, Raos.com 16 oz package for $3

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For a simple bowl of pasta, you will want the best noodles. The photo was taken by Chelsea Kyle, the prop styling was taken by Beatrice Chastka, and the food styling was taken by Frances Boswell Runner-up: Garofalo We like Garofalo almost as much as Rao’s. Although they do not have the exact same sauce adhesion, the noodles seem to absorb the taste of the sauce better than the other top four competitors. The texture is what makes Rao’s top-but it doesn’t mean that Garofalo’s has a bad texture (it is also made of bronze molds and has the same rough appearance when dry). Emily called it “springy” and Anya said it “bits well”. All in all, during dinner time, we will be happy to eat any of these spaghetti brands on our plate.

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