The Downie tribute show becomes the performer’s personal exclusive.

Among the many musicians who played on the Gord Downie tribute show on Saturday night, two were personally connected to the late tragic hip-hop lead singer. Greg Ball was the headline of the “Gord Downie Life & Legacy Celebration” held at the Raxx Bar and Grill to support Downie Wenjack Fund and Home Base Housing. He met Downie through his good friend Hip member Paul Langlois. “He is a gentle person,” Bauer said, and he will be on stage at 8:30 on Saturday night.

Ball and Langlois often perform together in a band called Campfire Liars Club, and Ball and his band-guitarist Joe Carscallen, bassist Rob Gillet and drummer Rob Radford-also join Langlois and hip-hop guitarist Rob Baker After touring for several years, Langlois’s personal tour back. Ball’s album was also released by Langlois’ record label Ching Music. When Downey and his brother Patrick lived briefly in Kingston, the brothers would go to the Red Room where Ball worked on Tuesday night and sit in his bar. Ball even went to Ottawa with Baker and Langlois to watch Downie’s performance as part of his Secret Path project.

The singer and songwriter believes that Downey’s lifestyle in the last few days of his life inspired “compassionate and loving people.” “He opened the eyes of many people, including myself,” Bauer said of the lead singer’s project, which aims to shed light on the plight of Canadian aboriginals. When Ball met Downey at the end of his life, Tracy Delinka knew him at the beginning of his life because he and Downey lived in Amherst View, a few doors apart from each other. . “I think I was lucky to grow up with Downies,” said Drinka, who will perform with his band Tracycally Hip. Drinka, who once dated her sister Paula Downie, remembers watching groundbreaking hockey moments with her family-the 72nd Summit Series, the 1970 Stanley Cup final, because Bobby All scored that iconic winning goal- -And play with them “Road Apple” Downey Brothers.

When the family moved to downtown Kingston, he lost contact with Gold Downey, but after a Hip show at the closed Ironhorse Saloon in 1998, he reconnected with him-Drinka The place to sing on stage for the first time. The following year, he formed a tribute band Tracycally Hip, played by Drinka Downie. After Downey was diagnosed with brain cancer, Delinka decided to temporarily stop performing. The result is four years. “I heard that Gold was sick, and I lost interest in it,” Drinka said. “I have no idea.” In last year’s tribute event, he did not have his band-Rob Hammer (lead guitar), Eric Bacon (rhythm guitar), Trevor Johns (drums) and Tim Majovsky (bass)-to perform. “I don’t feel it, but this year I have my band and we are going to perform,” Drinka said, and he will be the penultimate band that night at 11:30.

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